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Attention Drag Racers

Here is a little something new for 2016 from IHRA for all the drag racers...check it out here and on IHRA's website. Following is a letter Roger wrote to explain and with an idea to help make it happen.

Summit Super Series World Finals.

The Track Champion for Box, No Box, and Junior for the X number Summit Super Series Racers are Qualified for the World Championships in Memphis. Three Champions from every IHRA track running the Summit program are eligible. There are 90 tracks, but not all will participate. The Winners of the Main event at the Bracket Team Finals are also eligible, win at the Team finals and you are in the World Championships. This is a huge opportunity for you to win the big prize. It may seem like there will be a ton of cars to race against, but my guess is 90 cars, or a 7 round race for each of the three divisions. This is also a no entry fee event that will run for two days. No buy backs, No Gamblers, just a true run off for a World Champion with huge prize money, $10,000.00 cash, a turn key Dragster, Enclosed Trailer, 8-day Aruba Vacation, Iron Man, Gold Ring, Jacket, Gold Card and contingencies.

Kaukauna to Memphis 650 miles, 1300 mile round trip. 
1300/10 miles per gallon is 130 gallons of fuel X $2.20 =$286.00.

So let’s say cost are: 
Fuel -- $300.00
Food -- $200.00
Misc. -- $200.00 = $700.00 Total

I found a way to give $750.00 in expense money to each of our track Champions and also if we have winners at the Team Finals
They will also get $750.00 in expense money to go to Memphis.

I will give 100 Racers 10 free race tickets good for any Summit Super Series Bracket Race of the 2016 Season to sell to Friends and Family for $5.00 each. (Regular cost is $12.00 each) Each Racer then turns in the $50.00 to WIR, we will keep this money in a separate fund to distribute later as needed.
1000 tickets cost WIR = $12,000.00
1000 tickets X $5.00 each will generate = $5000.00 

Three Track Champions $750.00 each in expense money= $2250.00
Three Team Finals Winners get $750.00 each = $2250.00

Total expense money = $4500.00

WIR will retain left over money to cover some of the lost revenue in ticket sales.

Summit or IHRA cannot do tow money to the event, because of the number of cars now eligible, so I took it upon myself to create a way to get my Racers to the World Finals. Now I need you to help make this happen, I will have 10 tickets for every Racer to sell to friends and family, no limit on the amount of Racers. You pick up your ticket package at the tower opening weekend when you reserve your pit stalls for the season. Turn the money back in to the tower within two weeks, $50.00 each, that’s it, we are ready to go.

I am calling this program ‘Memphis Money’, and the tickets will be printed that way. This will give the track a way to account for all discounted ticket sales for sales tax purposes.

Thank you, and let’s make this happen. 
Eve of Destruction

Save the Date!
Friday, Sept. 9, 2016

Contact WIR at (920) 766-5577 or (920) 766-5575
or e-Mail dvandaalwyk@gmail.com or rogerwir@aol.com
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