Wisconsin International Raceway

W1460 County Road KK,
Kaukauna, WI 54130
Drag Racing
Stock Car Racing

Tickets Available at the Following Locations
  • Pit Stop Bar & Grill (920) 766-9339 (LOCATED NEXT TO THE TRACK ON HWY KK)

  • All Express Convenience Stores
  • By Mail - Send a self addressed stamped envelope to WIR with a check for the number of tickets desired.  $12.00 per ticket
W1460 HWY KK
$20 Entry Fee for each Event Entered
All Pit Passes $15.00 each/per person
Double Cruiser Race
This event is open to all cruiser type cars. The driver steers and brakes the car, the passenger operates the gas. All entries will run one 10 lap event on the 1/4 mile. Entry fee $20 . Trophy to the winner. 1st-$300 2nd-$250 3rd-$175 4th-$140 5th-$125 6th-$75 7th-$75 8th-$75 9th-$50 10th-$50 11th-$45 12th-$40 13th-$35 14th-$30 15th-$ 25 16th-20th-$20 
This is a fun event, no protests, no claims, track officials decision is final in all events. Order of finish will be decided by track scorers. Follow the rules and have fun. Free beer in the pits after completion of all events for all competitors
Four Cylinder Relay Race
Four Cylinder entries meeting FRRC or equivelent safety rules may run. Limited to the first 32 pre-paid pre-entries.You will draw for a team member at the track. 4 teams of 2 will run each race. four cars will race for 2 laps on the 1/4 mile, after crossing the finish line, they must enter the Figure-8 track where a team member will be waiting in the X . You must tag off ( touch the rear bumper ) they will then race for 2 laps to the Checkered flag. Winning team advances to the next round. $250.00 and a trophy goes to the winning team, $100.00 to the runner up
Musical Cars
The top 6 in FRRC Sizzling Fours points get first chance to enter. No entry fee
Six cars cruise around 4 parking stalls till the music stops, then fight for a stall.
Two cars are eliminated and one parking stall and start over. $75 and a trophy to the winner
The Gauntlet
#7 thru #12 in FRRC points get first chance to enter. No entry fee
6 four cyl cars have 5 laps to stop a limo any way they can
Demo Football Event
Drivers have been pre-selected for this event. 4 cars per team $150.00 to each driver. Trophies to the winning team.
Figure -8 Race ( 25 Laps )
FAST QUALIFIER $100.00. The top 12 by time make the feature. Last chance qualifier, top 8 make the feature.  $15.00 to each non qualifier.1- $500.00  2- $300.00  3- $250.00  4- $200.00  5- $100.00  6- $95.00  7- $85.00  8- $80.00  9- $75.00  10- $70.00 11- $65.00  12- $60.00  13- $55.00  14- $55.00  15- $45.00  16- $45.00 17- $40.00  18- $40.00  19- $30.00 20- $30.00
Entering this event, you will accept where you have been scored by the W.I.R scorers, No Protests, No Claims.
You must meet FRRC or Slinger rules to compete
School Bus Figure-8
Drivers have been pre selected for this race. 10 laps with $150.00 to each driver and a trophy to the winner
Trailer Race
The top 10 in FRRC Figure-8 points may run. 2007 trailer race winner plus one promoters choice may also run. A total of 12 trailers will be pulled. No entry fee for pullers. $150.00 to each puller and a trophy for the winner. Ball hitches only no chains or sway bars allowed. When you lose your trailer you are out of the race. The last car pulling a rolling trailer, will be declared the winner.
Important Notice
Pre-entry required for Double Cruiser Race ( first 20 entries received by mail )
Pre-entry required for Four Cylinder Relay Race ( first 32 entries received by mail )
Send to:Wisconsin International Raceway
W1460 County KK
Kaukauna WI 54130
All entries must be paid in advance. Any entry that did not make the cut will be returned at the Car & Driver gate on race night.
Friday, September 9, 2016
3:00 PM    All gates open
5:45 PM    Section 8 Extreme Motorcycle Stunt Show
6:00 PM    Figure-8 Qualifying
7:00 PM    National Anthem
                  10 Lap Figure-8 Last chance race
                  Top 8 advance to feature
No spectators will be allowed in teh Pit aread after the show.  Competitors Only!  Pit area must be cleared and locked down 2 hours after the show.  No Exceptions.